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Well child visits are the primary way we are able to make sure your child is growing and developing normally, has a normal physical exam, is up to date on immunizations and screening tests.  There may be times that you have paperwork to fill out at the time of the visit.  Dr. Ritter will always discuss diet, eating habits, sleep, stooling/urinating patterns, development, academic success, age specific safety concerns, etc. at the well child visit.  Because the parent/guardian is the best person to answer these questions and the person that Dr. Ritter will give advice direction to, we require that a parent or guardian comes to every well visit and that babysitters, grandparents, aunts, cousins, siblings, etc not bring your child to well visits in your place.  Sometimes problems may arise during the well visit in one or more areas that may require a separate appointment be made to discuss in detail when there is not adequate time to cover the issue during the well visit. 



Routine childhood immunizations are one of the greatest health advances of the last century and the only reliable way to ensure that your child does not become sick with a vaccine preventable illness.  Vaccines have been extensively studied and the current immunization schedule has been fine tuned to provide maximum protection against the most serious invasive illnesses in a timeline that is both safe and effective for your child.  Variations from this schedule put both your child and others around them at risk for infection.  Because we see newborns, children with cancer, and children with other immune suppressed conditions, our office waiting room needs to be as clean and free of communicable and invasive diseases as possible.  For the reasons above, we will not see unimmunized, under-immunized or those wishing to pursue an alternate vaccine schedule in our office. 



Every effort should be made to cancel/reschedule your child’s appointment as soon as you realize you will not be able to make it at the scheduled time.  Repeated cancellations less than 24 hours in advance and repeated “no show” visits where no cancellation was made will result in dismissal from the practice.  We need parents and guardians to serve an active role in their child’s health and this includes coming to scheduled well visits, follow ups and any acute care appointments deemed necessary.  



Ritter Pediatrics is a family centered pediatric practice.  You and your family will be treated with the upmost respect with every interaction with us including over the phone, while making appointments or talking to the staff, in the office with the staff and Dr. Ritter and in discussions regarding payments, insurance or other billing matters.  We expect the same respect in return and foul language, disrespectful behavior, threats, or other actions deemed abusive, inappropriate or threatening will not be tolerated and will result in dismissal from the practice.  If you feel you have not been treated with respect please email or call us and ask for the office manager and we will do everything we can to make it right.


Learn more about our HIPAA Privacy Policy here.


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